luni, 26 iulie 2010

dear kids,

Today I'd like to talk to you about a most interesting scenery, about a lot of dramatic things that took place there, about the people that made some action and changed something regular into something spectacular. I like telling you stories about love, for I believe the most enlightening thing you'll ever encounter will be love. Life, as i see it, is really not about money, it's not about losing hope and trying to find it. It's about realising there's always something to love. And there again, is it? I wanted to ask you kids, how do you see things? How are your monsters and little childhood games? How are cartoons lately? What do you talk about with your friends?
What I saw lately was usual, but it made me act differently. Like when your mom tells you to finish your plate and all you can think about is going outside and play. I wanted to play a lot, kids, I wanted to run around until my feet would start hurting. So I decided to play seriousely, and i managed to do a fine job. I saw a lot of people kids, they were different and pretty artistic. But there wasn't something peculiar about them, and I couldn't remember them as being extraordinary. I just can't wait to see you in college kids. To see you playing around seriousely.

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