luni, 27 septembrie 2010

I praise myself

There is an open field I lie down in a hole I once dug and I praise the sky.
I praise the clouds which are like lungs of light.
I praise the owl that wants to inhabit me and the hawk that does not.
I praise the mouse's fury, the wolf's consideration.
I praise the dog that lives in the household of people and shall never be one of them.
I praise the whale that lives under the cold blankets of salt.
I praise the formations of squid, the domes of meandra.
I praise the secrecy of doors, the openness of windows.
I praise the depth of closets.
I praise the wind,the rising generations of air.
I praise the trees of Rio and those that shall grow in London.
I praise the gardeners, the worms and the small plants that praise each other.
I praise the sweet berries of Georgetown, Maine and the song of the white-throated sparrow.
I praise the poets of Waverly Place and Eleventh Street, and the one whose bones turn to dark emeralds when he stands upright in the wind.
I praise the clocks for which i grow old in a day and young in a day.
I praise all manner of shade, that which I see and that which i do not.
I praise all roofs from the watery roof of the pond to the slate roof of the customs house.
I praise those who have made of their bodies final embassies of flesh.
I praise the failure of those with ambition, the authors of leaflets and notebooks of nothing.

I praise the moon for suffering men.
I praise the sun its tributes.
I praise the pain of revival and the bliss of decline.
I praise all for nothing because there is no price.
I praise myself for the way I have with a shovel and I praise the shovel.
I praise the motive of praise by which I shall be reborn.
I praise the morning whose sun is upon me.
I praise the evening whose son I am.

And I praise myself.
-am intrat prima pe lista, si ii laud pe cei care au creat o lista.
-sunt bugetara, ii laud pe toti cei care platesc taxe.
-sunt studenta la arte, laud toti artistii.
-sunt din nou boboaca, laud toti bobocii.
-sunt 'au plus pres de paradis' ,si habar nu am ce rol avea catherine deneuve in filmul asta

( nu stiu autorul sau titlul poeziei. )